DXLab has 8 very integrated programs and best of all they are free. They were developed by DAVID H BERNSTEIN, AA6YQ, and are supported on the Yahoo forum. I have a separate page for each program and start here with the DXLab Launcher. I would configure the programs in the order on the menu on right side.

DX Atlas is optional.


DXLab Launcher   


This is the program that starts the others.

Install this first!!!


DXLab Apps

Apps Started After DXLab Apps

Apps Started Before DXLab Apps

Launcher after starts the others.

The others:

  • Commander, this program controls the radios.


  • DXKeeper, this is the log book and much more.


  • DXView, this program gives info about call sign, antenna direction and confirmation progress.


  • Pathfinder, this is the look-up program for QRZ, Buck, Daily DX and more.


  • PropView, this is the propagation aid.


  • SpotCollector, this program connects to as many as four spot sources.



  • DX Atlas, this is not included but integrates cleanly with DXView.

I also recommend going to the the DXLab GettingStarted page or the DX Suite intro page.


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[from May 01 to Oct 31 - 2012]

OD5/IV3XNF Lebanon

[from Holiday QTH]


[QSL Via LOTW-eQsl(AG)-Clublog]

[Panadapter KX3 DIY]



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